Healthy trees are the center of beautiful landscapes, which add value to your properties. We use a holistic approach based on Plant Health Care (PHC) concept, that focuses on the health and growth of plants. It provides trees the appropriate growth conditions, proper location, sunlight, soil, moisture, essential nutrients, and removes the stresses which sap a plant’s energy. By modifying the basic elements of plant growth, PHC specialists can turn a weak tree into a healthy and vigorous specimen. For instance, by amending the soil organically instead of just fertilizing the grass, trees are better able to compete with the lawn for much-needed nutrients. Combining our expertise in tree care, the state-of-the-art *plant care tools and high quality tree care products, our Tree and Shrub Program provides:

  • Proper nutrition to enhance color, improve leaf size, stimulate overall growth, and increase flowering potential
  • Insect and disease control to stop infestations and restore plant health and vigor
  • Target treatments to deal with specific threats to your plants
  • Careful pruning to restore your plants to their natural form and size
  • Selected services including a special application of horticultural oil to help your plants survive winter with minimum damage


Your trees and shrubs receive seasonal feedings of long-lasting professional fertilizer. Each feeding is applied directly to the root zone of the plants, where it immediately goes to work improving their appearance and vigor of the plants.

Disease Control

Landscape plants which are prone to particular diseases receive preventive treatments throughout the season. If other diseases appear, they are immediately treated with the proper control material.

Insect Control

Trees and shrubs receive a combination of preventive treatments and control treatments as needed to take care of a wide variety of insect problems throughout the year.

Targeted Trunk Injection

Selected treatments will improve nutrient imbalances, control pests, and enhance overall plant health and color.

Trim & Shape

Selective pruning to remove dead or damaged areas will restore your plants to their natural form and size. This improves the health and vigor of your landscape.

Fall Dormant Oil

A special application of horticultural oil will help control certain difficult insects during their “over-wintering” stage, before damage occurs.

Winter Protection

Selected services including anti-desicants and mulching will help plants survive winter with minimum damage.

Continuous Monitoring

Plant is monitored all season long by our Tree Care Specialist, so that problems can be identified and corrected before they seriously affect your landscape.

Our Annual Tree Care Service Schedule:

Early Spring

Long-lasting professional fertilizer is applied to the root zone of all landscape plants, as needed, to stimulate the growth of vibrant, healthy foliage.


Plants are individually treated to provide control of insects such as leaf miners, caterpillars, and lace bugs, as well as diseases such as leafspot, rust, and scab.

Early Summer

Control of summer insects, such as weevils, mites, and beetles, is provided. Disease control continues for any lingering spring leaf diseases, as well as powdery mildew.


Round 4 typically consists of spot treatments and all mineral fertilizers with 20-50% slow release encapsulation to help regulate the growth of turf during the remainder of the hot season. Our late-summer blend also contains iron for deep green color without causing excessive growth. Round 4 applied in August.


This is the time when large trees need their root systems stimulated. A special root zone fertilization at this time increases root growth to strengthen plants with organic bio stimulants.

LATE Winter

A horticultural oil treatment applied when the plants are dormant takes care of hibernating pests, such as scale insects and certain insect eggs on your landscape plants.

Our Specialty Tools

The Resistograph – the EKG for trees!

The Air Spade – allows us to safely and effectively remove soil surrounding diseased or sick roots enabling our experts to evaluate and correct vascular problems using scientific root surgery.

The Arborjet and Wedgle Devices – These tools allow us to inject treatments directly into the sap stream of the tree with optimal results with little or no environmental impact.

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