Established in 1900, American Lawn and Tree Arborists has been serving Metro Detroit Area for over 100 years. We have estalished ourselves as the premier provider of lawn and tree care using natural and organic approaches. “Honor the earth and its inhabitants” is our motto that we take to our heart. All our employees have to accept and sign our motto and mission statement prior to employment. We mean every word of it.

The President and Technical Directory of American Pest Control, Inc. and its Lawn and Tree Division, William Pickhardt (also known as “Doc”), is a recognized expert in lawn care and tree care. He is recommended by Michigan State University as a Diagnostician and Practitioner for lawn care and tree care. He has participated in many pioneering researches to look for better methods and materials for lawn and tree care that will be less toxic for people and the environment. He is certified in many areas of lawn care and tree care and has achieved highly respected status. (See list below) He is certified by the State of Michigan to train others for certification in the above categories. He is a also a Certified Proctor for the International Society of Arboriculture.

William has been consulted as expert witness in many legal cases involving disputes in lawn or tree care. He attented Canisius College, University of Tampa, Michigan State University and is a graduate of the American Academy of Consulting Arborists. He has been with American Tree Arborists since 1965.

Other than the lawn care and tree care services, American Lawn and Tree Arborist also owns American Pest Control, which provides pest control services to residential as well as commercial properties.

Lawn & Tree Care License
State of Michigan License #159029, 159208
Lawn & Tree Care Certifications
  • Board Certified Consulting Arborist Certification # MI0002
  • Michigan Department of Agriculture Certification #C 007770057
  • Florida Department of Agriculture License # CM 15800
  • Turfgrass Pest Management Certification
  • Ornamental Pest Management Certification
  • Right of Way Pest Management Certification
  • General Pest Management Certification
Honors and Organic Lawn & Tree Care Consulting
  • Member of Michigan Department of Agriculture Wood Destroying Organism Committee
  • National Arborists Environmental Issues Committee
  • National Arborists Educational Committee
  • Invited participant and elected table delegate presenter at the Seventh American Forest Congress
  • Beautification commission Participant Member-Indiana Urban Forest Council
  • Consultant for Illinois Dept. of Conservation
  • Consultant for City of Centerline, Michigan
  • Consultant for the City of St. Clair Shores, Michigan
  • Consultant for the City of Bellville, Michigan
Organic and Environmental Research
  • Experimental studies with 3 new chemistries (1427, 1428 and 1429) for the control of emerald ash borer ( Agrilus planipennis) in Troy, Michigan in conjunction with Maujet Corporation, Dr. David Roberts, Michigan State University and Dr. Terry Tatter of University of Massachusetts. Present
  • Experiments studying the efficacy of using food energy inhibitors as a substitute for conventional rodenticides to control commensal rodents. Delmar Products, 1997 – Present
  • Experimental studies regarding the part played in root development by oxygenating tubes placed in root zones to declining and healthy trees. Rootwell Corporation 1997 – Present
  • Efficacy studies for Emerald Ash Borer, Bayer Corporation, Michigan State University , Dr. David L. Roberts, Canton , Michigan , Warren , Michigan , Troy , Michigan and the Cranbrook Institute in conjunction with Arborjet Corporation, Boston Mass. 2002 – Present
  • Efficacy comparison test using Mauget injection systems Arbor Systems injection (Wedgle) Kline soil injection and H.D. Hudson injection system with Imidacloprid to control royal palm bug ( Xylastodoria luteolus ) in royal palms ( Roystonea elata ). Coral Gables , Florida 1997
  • Efficacy tests with BAY NTN 33893 (experimental label) using Wedgle Injection System to control Zimmerman pine moth ( Dioryctria Zimmermani ). Bayer Corporation, ArborSystems, Inc. 1997
  • Efficacy test using Wedgle System with Tetraconazole 125SL (experimental label) and Lynx 250EW to control Dutch elm disease (Ceratocystis ulmi ) Omaha , Nebraska ArborSystems, LLC 1997
  • Efficacy test with Imidacloprid to control honey locust plant bug ( Diaphnocoris chlorionis ) and leafhopper ( Marcropsis fumipennis ) on honey locust ( Gleditsia triacanthos ) 1996
  • Equipment modifications for Phyton Injection System to reduce tree damage. Source Technology Biologicals, Inc. 1992-1995 Pressure, gravity feed and syringe injections with Phyton-27 to control Phytophthora in citrus. Source Technology, 1993-1994
  • Ultra Low Volume application, nozzles and dosage. 1963-1964, Michigan State University, Professor Angus Howitt

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