Michigan Expert Witness Services

Expert Arborist Witness, Pest Control Witness, Pesticide Witness, Court Testimony & Trial Preparation

lawimageWilliam “Doc” Pickhardt is well known by the legal profession for his forensic skills. Over the years he has surrounded himself with other experts which he calls on, if needed, to assure the best possible result. As an expert he directs the attorney down the appropriate path so as to gain the best outcome for the client. In trial his expertise is unsurpassed and judges and juries learn to respect his testimony early on. He has been instrumental in successful outcome of over 100 cases from simple trespass to accidental death. Recently, new case law was written by the Oklahoma Supreme Court based on his report concerning an accidental death in the Tulsa area.

Expert Witness Service Rates:

William G. Pickhardt, B.C.A.


Privileged and confidential (work product) consulting expert only, at time and materials plus expenses. As a consulting expert, I work with attorney or client. (Code Civ. Proc. ยง 2018)


Testifying expert will be at the current rates and charges, working only for the attorney.

File opening, Designation, Maintenance Fee
$1000.00 (non-refundable)

Court Testimony
Hourly $175.00
Daily $1000.00

Trial Preparation
Hourly $175.00
Daily $1200.00

Hourly $150.00
Daily $1000.00

Hourly $175.00
Daily $1000.00

Dispute Resolution Settlements
Hourly $150.00
Daily $1000.00

Travel Time
$85.00 per diem
Car mileage $0.32 (per mile)

Hourly $45.00

Hourly $24.00

Consulting Expert, Lecturer
Hourly $150.00 plus expenses